Why Consider a Custom Built Home in Warman?

You’ve just finished cleaning up the toys in the living room when it hits you … our house is too small!  Whether you need a dedicated play area for the children, a home office to organize your work, or an extra bedroom when relatives stay over, the bottom line is: you need more space.

When you look at existing homes for sale in Warman you will quickly find a limited number of options available.  Most people moving up to their second or third home are looking in the $400 - $500,000 range.  As of today in Warman, there are 44 houses to choose from in that range.  Of those, less than half are new homes giving you 15-20 new homes to choose from.  Once you have narrowed it down to the features you are looking for, there are likely only 1 or 2 options that you would even consider.

If this is you, don’t worry !  There is a great option and it is easier than you think.  Building a custom home can be exactly the solution you need.  A custom home gives you the following benefits:

            - Floorplan designed around your needs

            - Choose the perfect location

            - Pricing that fits your budget

            - Your choice of colours, cabinets, flooring, etc

            - Ability to build equity through finishing the yard and basement

Don’t worry about the details – that’s what your builder is for.  A good quality builder will provide a firm quote giving you budget protection. He will also provide a firm timeline and provide the tools you need to make selections and choices an easy task.  At Cherry Creek Homes we will build your custom home in Warman on time and on budget. Our processes help eliminate the guesswork and complexity of custom building, making your home building experience a rewarding one.

Buy a Home - Not Stress !

You’ve made the decision – you are going to build a custom house in Warman.  Congratulations !  Cherry Creek Homes is here to help !


One thing you don’t often hear from salespeople is “maybe you should build smaller?”  We often ask that question because the last thing we want is for you to have a large, beautiful house that you can’t afford.  Now don’t misunderstand … we will gladly take your money !  However, it is more important to us that you aren’t drowning in debt, stressed about how to pay your monthly bills.  One of the things that bothers us the most is when clients tell us they are making a 5% down payment on their house.  While a case can be made for this scenario, it should involve a low-cost condo or very small house with a solid plan for paying down the mortgage quickly.  If a client wants a large house or is building their second or third house with only 5% down, we will encourage them to rethink the decision.


Our culture today believes that you can have it all up front and pay for it later.  This kind of thinking has helped us to collectively become the most indebted generation ever in history.  Whether you look at governments nationally, provincially, and locally or look at individual families, our debt levels are unprecedented. The problem with debt is that it limits your freedom – it is very much a “ball and chain” around your ankles.


So, try this math on for size.  Building a home consists of two important numbers:

1)  Down Payment.  Aim for at least 10% down. At this level you will still pay thousands of dollars to CMHC for mortgage insurance.  Even better is to skip CMHC and put down 20%.  Create a savings plan to sock away that money.  Beg from parents and grandparents. Do whatever you can legally do in order to have a higher deposit.

2) Monthly Payment. Add up your family’s monthly take-home pay and multiply by 25%.  This is the maximum mortgage payment you should have.  Anything more than this and you are asking for stress.


            Monthly take home pay = $6,000

            Maximum mortgage payment = $6,000 x 25% = $1,500

            At 3% over 25 years, the maximum mortgage you can afford is $310,000

            With a 10% down payment, your maximum house price is $345,000

I realize that it takes courage and self-control to not follow the crowd. The banks will encourage you to borrow much more money.  But remember, the bank has a motive – they want to take as much of your money as they can.  Break free and be courageous !  You are building a loving home, not a gigantic stress creator.

4 Simple Steps for a Rewarding Home Building Experience

Our goal at Cherry Creek Homes is to make the process of building a custom home in Warman enjoyable and rewarding. How do you keep your sanity while choosing colours, flooring, cabinets and the many other decisions that must be made? How do you ensure you are getting what you want while staying on budget?

Here are 4 simple steps for a rewarding home building experience:

1.  Have the right Perspective

Yes, you are making one of the biggest purchase decisions of your life.  Yes, this is the place you will call “home”. As important as this is, it is not the most important thing in life.  Relationships and good health are much more important than picking the right colour cabinets! When you are in the midst of a difficult decision, step back and gain the proper perspective.  The house can wait a minute … go hug your spouse!  If you keep the right attitude throughout the process it will go much smoother.

2.  Plan for Extras

When you sign your contract, we provide a firm quoted price for your house.  With almost every build, there are things that come up later that you didn’t consider.  A heated garage, more expensive flooring, multiple paint colours or fancier plumbing fixtures can all add costs to your project.  When you start out you might think you can live without an option, but as the project moves along you realize you really wanted that option and add it in.  Allow for this up front! When you sign the contract, assume you will spend at least another $5,000 on options. 

3.  Stay Involved

Have you ever played the telephone game where one person whispers a message to the next person, who whispers to the next, etc? It is human nature for messages to get mixed up as they are passed along.  By visiting your new home regularly, you can ensure that your instructions are being followed properly and nothing is missed.  It is far simpler to correct something during the build rather than at the end.  It’s ok to ask questions … there is no such thing as a dumb question! As good as we are we sometimes make mistakes and I would rather catch them right away.  Different stages may require more or less frequent visits, but plan to visit your building site at least twice a month.

4.  Choose the Right Builder

The most important step is to select the right builder.  Look for someone who truly cares about your needs. Do they answer their phone or return calls in a timely manner? Do they treat you with respect even when you don’t know what you are asking for? Are they easy-going with changes? Do they “go with the flow” when things don’t go as planned?  Most of all, do they build quality homes? At Cherry Creek Homes we provide you with a quality built home and a great relationship along the way.


You have made an important decision to build a new home in Warman.  We can’t always prevent problems but if you follow these four simple steps your project will flow much smoother.  Most importantly, we will still be friends long after I have handed you the keys to your fabulous new home!


Realistic Budgeting When Building a Custom Home

So you’ve decided to build a custom home in Warman – congratulations!  The most obvious question to ask is how much will this cost?  Like most things in life, there are many ways to answer this question and most of them are correct on some level.

As a plant controller for a large multi-national company, I learned very quickly that financial surprises were a great way to become known for all the wrong things! “Under-promise and over-deliver” was my preferred way of managing a project.  I have carried this philosophy over into my house building business.  I would rather lose a job because my price is too high than advertise a low-ball price only to tell you later about cost over-runs.

I prefer that you take a complete project view.  That way, you are realistic when deciding how much house you can afford to build.  This also eliminates future surprises on things like finishing the yard.  Spending too much up front can create many years eating rice and beans to save cash for the driveway and fence !

Here is a list of what you should include when considering a custom house in Warman:

Direct Costs

Land Cost – cost of the lot from the developer + GST
House Construction Cost – should be a firm quoted price + GST
Extras & Upgrades – You will add things as you go.  Assume 3% of the house cost
Closing Costs – Legal fees, title registration, mortgage registration costs

Costs after you move in


The goal is to be as realistic as possible with your expectations and get as much of this cost as possible into your mortgage up front.  That way you can add the occasional steak to your meager diet !

At Cherry Creek Homes we will make sure you are realistic with your plans.  Our goal is to build the right home for you so you can enjoy life rather than be stressed about money. 
Happy planning !

Why Warman is the Best Place to Build a Custom Home

So you’ve decided to build a house?  Congratulations on making your first big decision!  The next decision is what community to build in?  Let me tell you all the reasons why Warman is your best choice.

Warman is Close to Saskatoon

Located about 20 km north of Saskatoon, Warman is a 15 minute drive from Costco on a convenient twinned highway.  One of Saskatchewan’s fastest growing cities, Warman has grown from 4700 people in 2006 to 7000 in 2010 to over 9000 today.

No Traffic Jams

You are more likely to see a fox or a deer than a traffic jam!  Once you get out of Saskatoon it is smooth sailing on the highway right to your door.  There are three convenient entrances to Warman off the highway allowing you to get to your home faster.

Great Community Spirit

There are wonderful events like the Warman Diamond Rodeo every June, the Sports Celebrity Dinner in August and fireworks several times during the year.  You can shop at the farmer’s market weekly during the summer. Your dog will enjoy the off-leash dog park.

Lots of Kids

Warman currently has three schools with two more under construction.  There are awesome parks, including a spray park tobogganing hills and various soccer fields.  There is also a brand new skate park for skateboarding and BMX biking.  Warman Minor Hockey is also a great way to get to know other kids and have fun playing hockey.

Economic Development

Last year the City welcomed over 20 new storefront businesses ranging from fast food restaurants such as Taco Time and Dairy Queen, to smaller privately owned companies such as a chartered professional accountant’s office, and larger national chains like a Royal Bank of Canada branch and a Saskatoon Co-op food store outlet.  There are more on the way, such as the newly announced hotel across from the Legends Centre.

World Class Facilities

The Legends Centre boasts an 1100 seat hockey arena along with multi-purpose rooms and two huge gymnasiums.  The Legends Golf Course is an 18 hole championship course rated one of the best in the province.


I could go on but you get the picture.  If you are looking for a small town environment with big city amenities, then Warman is a great choice.  Contact Cherry Creek Homes today to get your dream house under construction in Warman.