Why Consider a Custom Built Home in Warman?

You’ve just finished cleaning up the toys in the living room when it hits you … our house is too small!  Whether you need a dedicated play area for the children, a home office to organize your work, or an extra bedroom when relatives stay over, the bottom line is: you need more space.

When you look at existing homes for sale in Warman you will quickly find a limited number of options available.  Most people moving up to their second or third home are looking in the $400 - $500,000 range.  As of today in Warman, there are 44 houses to choose from in that range.  Of those, less than half are new homes giving you 15-20 new homes to choose from.  Once you have narrowed it down to the features you are looking for, there are likely only 1 or 2 options that you would even consider.

If this is you, don’t worry !  There is a great option and it is easier than you think.  Building a custom home can be exactly the solution you need.  A custom home gives you the following benefits:

            - Floorplan designed around your needs

            - Choose the perfect location

            - Pricing that fits your budget

            - Your choice of colours, cabinets, flooring, etc

            - Ability to build equity through finishing the yard and basement

Don’t worry about the details – that’s what your builder is for.  A good quality builder will provide a firm quote giving you budget protection. He will also provide a firm timeline and provide the tools you need to make selections and choices an easy task.  At Cherry Creek Homes we will build your custom home in Warman on time and on budget. Our processes help eliminate the guesswork and complexity of custom building, making your home building experience a rewarding one.